Module type WWTP for 50 to 1200 PE

The module type Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) offered by AQUARIUS ND Ltd. are based on the extended aeration purification process.

Generally, the moduletypeWWTPconsistsof:

Inlettank – made of concrete or metal, which is located out of the module.

Serves for receiving the wastewater and equalization of the wastewater flow and content.
At the inlet of the tank is installed screen made of stainless steel, cleaned manually and submersible feeding pump.

Module type WWTP състоящ се от:

  • Biological tank
  • Secondary settling tank 
  • Disinfection tank
  • Tank for sludge stabilization
  • Machineroom
  • Blower– 1 pcs.
  • Tank for sodium hypochlorite– 1 pcs.
  • Dosing pump– 1 pcs.
  • Feeding pump– 1 pcs.
  • Electrical board– 1 pcs.

Note: If the terrain allows, the wastewater can go directly to the module WWTP trough inlet pipe at 30 cm. above the elevation of the upper edge of the module. In this case the receiving tank will not be obligatory and the screen is mounted in the module, below the inlet pipe.

The module is installed on a concrete foundation.

Sanitary - hygienic aspects

The process of biological purification with active sludge in aerobic conditions does not lead to release of odors and harmful substances.The excess sludge is mineralized in oxygen environment and does not release odors and harmful substances. The module and the installed equipment are sound isolated and are not source of noise and  vibrations.


Themodulecanbeinstalledabove the ground and under the ground

1st variant– above the ground:
The module is installed on a concrete foundation. The height of the module is 2.90 m.

2nd variant– under the ground:
The module is installed on a concrete foundation. Elevation of the foundation is 3.20 m. below elevation leveled terrain, which allows 20 cm. soil cover and development of a lawn.

11 reasons to choose module WWTP BIOCLEAN

  • High degree of purification
  • Compact size
  • Minimum power consumption
  • Low costs for construction works
  • Possibilities for underground or above the ground installation
  • No odors
  • The processes are fully automated
  • Minimumquantityofexcesssludge
  • No nose and vibrations above the limits
  • Easyextensionofthecapacitywithadditional modules
  • Possibilitytousethetreatedwaterfor irrigation of grass

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