Small WWTP for 5 to 50 PE

Our purifying systems are designed to satisfy a wide range of purifying demands for the disposal of all kinds of domestic wastewaters, and similar types of sewage.

The most modern technology, biological process, no smell or noise, economical in terms of use of electricity and low maintenance cost are the special features of the wastewater treatment plants we offer.

The benefits of choosing an AQUARIUS ND purifying system are the following:

  • all our systems are assembled underground and have a waterproof cover. This means they blend in with the surrounding landscape perfectly, even when installed in or around residential areas;
  • the equipment installed consumes very little electricity;
  • low maintenance costs;
  • the purified water can be reused to irrigate lawns and gardens;
  • our systems are compact and lightweight in order to facilitate transportation and installation, even in inaccessible areas;
  • the modular structure of our systems facilitates


Universal purifying system for the disposal of domestic wastewaters with discharge in surface waters in conformity with the parameters of Table 1Regulation 6 from 9. 11. 2000 for the emission standards for permissible levels of harmful and dangerous substances in the water discharged in a surface water bodies.

Total oxidation, active sludge, biological purification system, formed of a cylindrical GRP tank, with a CLASS A15 (pedestrian traffic) or B125 (lightweight traffic) cover, that can be inspected.

The tank is made up of layers of fibreglass, with a top layer of fibreglass gauze, and with reinforced upper and bottom edges; the tank is supplied complete with all necessary accessories for the operation.

  • Compressor
  • Diffusers
  • Airlift

The plant shall be sized to a max organic load of 60 gBODs/d per P.E., a water load of 250 litres/d per P.E. Three process phases shall be comprised:

  • anaerobic digestion
  • oxidation
  • secondary sedimentation/sludge recirculation


Purifying system for the discharge of domestic wastewaters and similar types of sewage, except for rain water. The total oxidation, active sludge, biological purification process transforms the organic substances that are contained in the sewage, into mineral salts through a series of bacterial reactions which are similar to those that occur automatically in any liquid but at a much higher speed to achieve the best purification in the shortest time possible. The plant is formed of a cylindrical tank, divided into three compartments corresponding to as many process phases.

module WWTP wastewater treatment plant scheme

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