Water softeners for residential aplication


Hard water? Scale?

The HOME series from AQUARIUS ND Ltd. Offers a wide range of water softeners for household use

Enjoy the benefits of the softened water:

• Increases the life of your kitchen appliances with years – washing and dishwashing machines, boilers and coffee machines
• Reduces the detergents used in the household in half
• Increases the efficiency of water heating
• The clothes are cleaner, softer and keep the outfit longer
• The glasses and dishes shine
• Lavish foam with less soap and shampoo
• Everything swills easier and better – hair, skin, towels, clothes, fruits
• Improved water flow trough the clean pipes

And all this at a good price!


2 cycle regeneration Series

Technology inside


With the HOME Series, AQUARIUS ND Ltd. offers a complete line of cabinet softeners for residential applications.


The HOME Series are available in the following models:

  • 11 Ltr (Mini)
  • 15 Ltr (Midi)
  • 20 Ltr (Maxi)
  • 26 Ltr (Maxi)

The HOME Series are available in the following configurations:

  • Budget: Electro-mechanical, time initiated 2 cycle regeneration, float controlled brine refill
  • Tempo: Electronic, time initiated 2 cycle regeneration, time controlled brine refill
  • Eco: Electronic, volume initiated 2 cycle regeneration, proportional brine refill

Exclusive new-edge design

  • Exceptionally large salt capacity, thanks to its large footprint
  • Separate salt lid facilitates salt filling
  • Integrated control panel on the electronic models (Tempo & Eco)
  • Exceptionally low salt usage
  • Exceptionally low water usage
  • Full 1.050" riser tube to increase service flow
  • Bottom distributor with deflector in order to use the full resin capacity
  • Optional noryl bypass with incorporated mixing valve

Technical specifications


(1) Supplied with 24 V transfo

(2) Performances at brining of 125 gr./ltr.



(2) Indicative numbers, performances depending on operating conditions and water quality

(3)Maximum salt/water usage as brining is proportional (minimum of 60%)

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