Water treatment

The water as a vital factor

One crucial factor for terrestrial animals, plants and humans is water. Its importanceis determined by its properties:

• It is an essential part of the protoplasm of cells and tissues and onlybyits presence the process of assimilation and dissimilationare running.

• The water has the capability to absorb big quantity of heat, thus regulating the heat exchange

• The water is universal dissolving agent

• Thewateristheenvironmentforfunctioning of the vital processes in the cell and is significant for the metabolism.

Thefresh, cleanwaterisnecessaryforoursurvival– noonecanlive without it. At the same time the water is one of the most endangered resources on the planet.

The water covers over 70% of the earth surface, but the major part of is salty.  The fresh water is a limited resource and nowadays more than one third of the earth population suffers its scarcity.  It will not be surprise that 80% of the diseases in the developing countries might be connected with dirty water. The shortage of water grows together with the increasing population, climate changes and the pollution of the environment.

The adequate preparation of the water for the purpose it will be used reduces the consumption, increases the efficiency by the use and respectively lowers the cost for water, no mater if it concerns the use in a household or industrial plant. We, at AQUARIUS ND Ltd. treat water responsibly and therefore offer a wide range of facilities for treatment and preparation for its use.

Do not forget to use only the quantities of water you really need. It is of significant importance even to stop the water in the morning while washing out teeth, how much time we spend  under the shower, how often we operate the washing and dishwashing machines.

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