The designers from the AQUARIUS ND Ltd. team possess certificate for full design capacity according to the requirements of the Spatial Planning Law and the Law for the Chamber of Engineers in the Investment Design.

The team of designers of AQUARIUS ND Ltd. is specialized in the development of the following projects:

  • Design of Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) for houses, hotels, vacation villages, etc.
  • Design of WWTP for industrial wastewater, such as, but not limited to dairies, meat processing plants, slaughterhouses, wineries, textile factories, vegetable oil refineries,  etc.
  • Design of WWTP for settlements of 1000 to 50 000 Population Equivalent (PE)
  • Design of water supply networks for settlements
  • Design of Potable Water Treatment Plants

Team of highly qualified designers will design for you the project you need up to the desired stage - conceptual design , technical design, detailed design.

The development of a detailed design contains ten obligatory parts, according to the stipulated in the assignment for design different parts of the infrastructure, which will be developed. Generally the detailed design consists of:

  • Part Technological
  • Part Water Supply and Sewerage
  • Part Architectural
  • Part Constructive
  • Part Machine - Constructive
  • Part Power Supply
  • Part Control Instrumentation and Automaation
  • Part Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • Part Landscaping
  • Part Health, Safety, Security and Environment
  • Part Bill of Quantities and Specifications

The detailed design will be performed according the regulatory requirements of the Republic of Bulgaria and in compliance with Regulation № 4 as of 21.05.2001 for the Scope and Content of the investment projects.

During the design will kept the requirements of the Standards for design of sewer systemsas of 1990, Regulation №2 for design, construction and operation of Water Supply Systems, Regulation № 8 for the rules and standards for design of technical ducts and installations in settlements, the requirements of the standards for design and construction of roads, power supply and street lighting nets.

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